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I am the DevilRat, a hentai artist that likes to produce digital paintings... Also likes to review the porn on the website and help produce some of it as well. Spooky scary skeletons shivers down your cocyx! Can be harsh and fairly insensitive.

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Posted by DevilRat - 1 day ago


Also with a line drawing that is higher quality. Though want to learn to go with a very different approach... By blocking in shapes in the line art....



Posted by DevilRat - 2 weeks ago

It's EARLY! Which is something.... I find it one part good, one part more painful to use. I do not know if it is due to I am used to a Ugee for 2 years, but this a Huion HS106. It's a pretty good graphics tablet, but very SENSITIVE.

Posted by DevilRat - 2 weeks ago

I kind find it an odd situation to be in again from how early-mid-late-2019 I did traditional, but back to using traditional color pencils only to find my Arteza set is gone.

Posted by DevilRat - 2 weeks ago

One painting is White, Yellow, Medium Blue, and Red, with bergudany

Posted by DevilRat - 2 weeks ago

For 2021, what I want is to improve my character illustration skills as I am right now actually starting to use line of action, sorry if I won't be having digital art for 2 weeks due to my graphics tablet dying, I am for now on to avoid a SIMILAR issue, have a spare on hand... I will be having a painting in acrylic. I will be updating my playlist hardcore on the categories by year as newgrounds loading page is just " bleh ". Trying to make sure I motivate myself to sketch more often as honestly. I am kind of bored making pure backgrounds without people. I got an ice house painting in the works where it is blue and white. I recently introduced my third blue how that is closer to cyan than purple. I find I love using the pallete knife when painting, despite acrylic is AWFUL at that. 2020 Was a very mixed year for me.

Though my art skills on backgrounds has improved a bit. I find backgrounds and digital paintings I guess a corner stone thing that improved my coloring skills dramatically, learned to use masked layers, learned to work with krita more effectively.

I might not have a drawing tablet right now, but I am definately investing into longer chords and and extenders, but lastly just a much better screenless drawing tablet. I will NEVER have a Ugee 708 again, I started off on it, as a beginner's tablet it is great. 20-40 dollars, not bad. I have had one for 1.5 Years, the other 4 months. The build quality is unpredictable. I am replacing it with a Huion HS.... It is a bit more price wise, but it is 2 inches bigger and also... For the love of god it actually work and also be compatible with Krita. I just want something that will last me for once... I hope we have a great year for my artwork still sticking to what works, but also experimenting more.

One part R.I.P. Ugee 705, but the other hand it is what I built my newgrounds digital art off of. I originally started in Tditional art AND THAT'S IT. Color pencils and that is it. Then got into diigital art with Krita and Drawing Tablet. Krita has gone a long way from Jul 27, 2019 as the rise of me getting into digital with bumps in the road. I started in 2020 in acrylics, and ends in acrylics. How poetic 2020 has been.... All I want is peace and mind for 2020. Time goes by slow as an artist, but also goes by fast.

I am glad and thanking you the fans for making 2020 brighter for me.

Posted by DevilRat - 2 weeks ago

In the middle of this... It's starting to actually break down... May have to retire my Ugee 705, first time this happened was back in 2019 November, now it is acting up... I am in the middle of replacing it now. iu_217071_6652573.jpg

Posted by DevilRat - 3 weeks ago

Though gonna get back to finished for an artwork someone wanted. Meanwhile I am digitally painting two things, but one is about done.

Posted by DevilRat - 1 month ago

Sorry for not much content, but next year will be focused on quality posting while also experimenting heavily more and more.

Posted by DevilRat - 1 month ago

Been busy with multiple artworks, but also... I will probably add supporter status again very soon again. As honestly I don't like seeing the... Hentai ads on M and A rated content... U block origin seems not work well with brave. >:X


Getting back into character illustration, also working on acrylic paintings in the background. <:X An attempt at portraits.

Posted by DevilRat - December 12th, 2020


Working on the shadows first, then the sharp hilights, but I find this has a very textured yet etheral quality to it, watcha think? Well not heavily, but more soft texturing, but has a quality I kind of like, similar to painting, but works better for lines.