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I am the DevilRat, a πŸ”žhentai artist that likes to produce digital paintings... Also likes to review the porn on the website and help produce some of it as well. Though trying to improve everyday...

I forgor πŸ’€

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Posted by DevilRat - 1 day ago

Will figure out my the CSP, so for the meanwhile, I'm stuck on Krita. Krita isn't bad, but does have a huge leg up on CSP on which operating system dio you use. Wacom drawing tablets work on Ubuntu, so anyone who is in a similar situation to me. Will be able to not fall for the same mistake as me.

Posted by DevilRat - 5 days ago

.... It's funny back in 2019 I was using a Ugee, bought that bastard twice, went to traditional temporarily, went to damn Huion HS610... At the moment, it is not supported via third party software, it's a shame as I really love it, but I did buy... A gamble Wacom in a similar spec range. I just want SCREENLESS, good size, and just able to have it work on Linux.

At the moment, I am using Krita again, it actually doesn't feel too bad compared to last time on Windows. It seems cleaner, but I'm still going fairly basic with it.

My reason to change from a Windows to Linux user...

  1. WIndows 10 sucks dick for auto-updates. Normally I like updates if it is good, but Windows has the variety of updates that crashed my artwork on CSP or KRITA. Annoying, it was.
  2. Windows's stability was next to none.
  3. That Microsoft Edge was unkillable
  4. Who the fuck uses bing?
  5. The search bar isn't a web browser ( also contributes to said hatred of Edge )
  6. Microsoft has gone full shady with it's creator that is an absolute scumbag.
  7. ... I don't play as much games as I used to. Most modern games don't appeal to me, so losing / mising out on Triple A doesn't matter to me... Like next to none.
  8. Can't fully customize every god damn detail of the system.


It's actually fun to use the Terminal, something about " sudo install X Application ". Just is inherently satisfying.

Right now, re-learning krita. Krita, is the paint program I am using due to Linux. I honestly say, I like it, but my skills have changed dramaticly. I will say. I'm gonna hate the coloring procress again. ( Krita's coloring and CSP are different )...

Posted by DevilRat - 5 days ago

The Wine FIxes "sudo apt install" works, but damn my other application I NEED to work doesn't. It's complaining about no 32 bits. ._.

Krita's native linux support is a blessing, but will be forcing CSP to work on the machine.... Linux is a pain for software support, a blessing for stability. I still killed my Windows 10 for it though. I do like this OS so much better. Cleaner, more straight forward, no ads in UI, and best feature. No Microshaft Edge.


Posted by DevilRat - 6 days ago

... This is a interesting roadblock so far, but you know what? Atleast my artwork won't be fucking slaughtered like WIndows 10 kept doing with automatic cock blockig bitch ass updates. I can't help, but swear that WIndows 10 was complete Culo.


Posted by DevilRat - 7 days ago

The good news, it is bad, the bad is, I am right now right now trying to get it over to Linux?

Why Linux?

I've truly grown annoyed at Windows 10's Store, Ads in User Interface ( via News ) too much clutter it provides, Windows Edge is a god damn zombie.

Windows Edge is Internet Explorer, but someone said " how can I make it worse? Oh make it unkillable. Yeah, like I totally love that "meirda". Que una puta... I can't help, but swear at it. The good features of Windows 10 is software support, but Proton and Wine will help...

The auto Updating shit Windows 10 has done truly drives me to madness....

I am happy, but got to fucking modify to my liking. My PC, My Customizations... That's how I like my Machines... Microshaft is going Your Servicable Machine, our customizations ( keep out of internals AKA Removing Edge ).


Posted by DevilRat - 2 weeks ago

I got nothing else to aay outside of that.


Posted by DevilRat - October 24th, 2021

Why can't I? My Home computer has technical issues at the moment due to fucking bugs. So all I can do for now is pencil, color, and illustrate. I'm sorry for the inconviences. Of not having great pixel quality. Well, I am going to get good fast in traditional. I used to do it back then.

😰 I'm sad due to no CSP, but I'll be still illustrating.

Posted by DevilRat - October 21st, 2021

Is it just me that don't like dubbed over content?

Posted by DevilRat - October 5th, 2021

One of my pet rats passed on today, I'm just trying to get over " WTF just happened today "... I had to deal with an incurable problem with rats ( not the life span ), but internal tumors. It's a blow to you when your pets change personality instantly in one day. My rat died in my arms while petting her.


Posted by DevilRat - October 4th, 2021

I like to be spicy time to time, but the site of me posting M/A rated get annoyed. Not my fault you can't read. This platform doesn't allow ALTS either.