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I am the DevilRat, a hentai artist that likes to produce digital paintings... Also likes to review the porn on the website and help produce some of it as well. I am a sinner, I am a man, and I do what I can!

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DevilRat's News

Posted by DevilRat - 7 days ago



More of a joke. iu_138468_6652573.jpg

Posted by DevilRat - 8 days ago

Outside of a slight rushed element.... I am bad for redrawing most of my works. Like example AND HEAVY and bad offender

Version 1 of Page 1 DevilRat Comic


Version 2 of Page 1 DevilRat Comic


Liladrien still in artist developement is getting redrawn from this...



This is the least offending one though.... FUCK IT GOT DELETED BECAUSE I LOADED THESE. There goes a days worth of effort. >=X I was enjoying making Dryad eyes. The last reminent of it.



Posted by DevilRat - 10 days ago

If you are in it for the digital paintings, I will be uploading them a tad more on my other platform. So it's way easier to avoid an adult or mature artwork slapped in your face......

https://www.deviantart.com/quartzoftheratbelly ( The cringey name aside ).... I am going to actually support that platform some this year, it will help for this year..... <:) I am glad DeviantArt Eclipse updated the website to make it so much easier to upload to.

Posted by DevilRat - 13 days ago

Why are my Movies, Favourite Art, and Games disabled on viewing?

Well the only reason is mainly due to I like all kinds of NSFW genres, but I remember last year one of my relatives bitched some about the artwork I produce, and how they deep searched. I don't want to hear it so I typically disabled the viewing.

It also made my newgrounds page easier to view.

Why is my collaborate button disabled?

Reorganizing prices and will be doing Commissions on SubscribeStar over Patreon... Why is that the platform of choice, Patreon went full retard, no offense to anyone that uses it. They straight up banned anime style artists. Patreon was NOT CARING if it was an NSFW or a SFW artist, sorry, but any platform that goes after anime is immediately not going to be on my support. Not a big fan of the company to begin with. I will be also making it much more clear what kind of artist I am. As I surprised nobody reads bios before following. I like to produce NSFW, and SFW. Newgrounds doesn't take lightly to alts. What do you expect? I atleast organize them in the playlist.

Why am I not on Twitter?

I deleted all content off of it a year ago due to I produced furry. Which Tw@tter decided to ban anthromorphic artwork if lewd. Which got my dissupport. Then the culture on the website. It's tumblr in the old days community when it had lewd. When most of tumblr was known for porn. Funfact I was going to produce content on that platform. Though NSFW ban during 2018.... The tw@tter platform itself I kind of find the UI trash, and didn't like it. Due to so much annoying drama. Do I need drama when trying to myself to eventually be a decent artist that does commissions and what not? Including hating the "cancel culture" of twitter which can strip you of your job. I just want a security job and a side ( art ).

Do I have a discord?

Yes, though I am learning the Mee6 box. Got to be Eighteen Plus


Do I have a SFW exclusive platform where you ONLY want to see my SFW stuff without disabling M and A?

Yes, I use Deviantart I do. There will be a major lack of content.


It's where I also post my digital paintings. My line art won't ever be on it though. It lacks my 2019 start. Basically it only has digital art not traditional.

Why do I have no content on rule34 websites?

Why do they not given a fucking reason and make it so hard to even last a day with such inconsistency in art? That's why. I do have plans to post on there, but will be sketching and practicing more and more. Try to get myself to draw hardercore stuff. I am more of a pinup guy.

My opinion on that website I find it just straight up annoying due to they never leave a reason why it was deleted. Despite read the rules and what nots.


Posted by DevilRat - 2 weeks ago

Work in progress

new digital painting stuff


Posted by DevilRat - 2 weeks ago

Feel free to critique it despite being very early and will be using tomorrow to work on it due to today I work a double shift.

As I want the panels to be on the dynamic yet clear side. This is more of a prologue, but I am gonna beef up the human form just to make it pretty clear who he was before and after. iu_135547_6652573.png

Posted by DevilRat - 2 weeks ago

Here is concept art for Devil!Rat Comic, the reason why the comic book cover and full illustration look different. Due to advancements in sketching and well rushed.... iu_134258_6652573.jpg

Different style, that will actually be used outside of shading and hilights, but it represents a change in my work going from line to something more doujin or manga like as I am clearly inspired by that. As I sketch pretty often and well it leads to a ton of changes how I feel about my work. It's a constant change.

Wholesome ladybug and catnoir artwork, but it is Liladrien ( A joke ship or a frustrated with marinette being creepy ship )


What you guys came for.... Digital Painting... Resolution type: 2k


I find I like this artwork heavily for how mellow it is and greenish yellow. I need to practice more with greens as I kind of find it a troublesome color for me to work with. As I have improved with yellows. Greens are just naturally brighter in saturation.

Posted by DevilRat - 1 month ago


Refining palettes and sharpness including restructuring houses and what not....

Posted by DevilRat - 1 month ago

This is my favourite digital painting in the works so far. iu_131929_6652573.jpg

The other work is a passion project. iu_131930_6652573.jpg

Yes it's offical the comic will be 18+... What inspires it heavily is Konosuba, and Doujins.... Including just JRPG and freemium logic. The rat face will be redone... The bodies will be a tad touched up. One is an asshole, the other is a mascohist. Though I will eventually have a book to keep my ideas for this comic to help with the story. These aren't going to be pure at all characters, but indirect results do good.

Posted by DevilRat - 1 month ago

It's going to be a tad NSFW due to crass language for characterization, nudity due to Laminae ( got an overhauled redesign ) , and last but not least. crass languange. I have been wanting to make a story for Devil!Rat but it means overhauling a ton as the old Devil Rat will be partially retired. Work in progress... I am trying to decide to flat color the artwork mainly to save time to get more postings and keep a higher level of contrast and also my first comic and want to make it a series of comics. Keeping it fairly fresh and comical.


Left is neo-devilrat, critize his design, Laminae on the right which is a succubus Anthenicus ( marsupial mouse ). The animal traits vs. humans will be heavily emphasized and will have an explanation why in this universe hell has anthromorphics rather than pure demonics that are human designed.

Here is so prototype dialogue. Trying to make the dialogue suit the designs.

I hope you like some of my ideas for dialogue.... this is a prototype but feel free to critique iu_130941_6652573.jpg

I am heavily inspired by doujins, konosuba, and loved Final Fantasy X ( JRPGs ). Including a have plans making the world interesting, but equally dysfunctional yet make sense and make it entertaining. Make these characters with very unlikable, straight up can be considered bad characters to be fairly lovable, but not becomes " LOOK HOW GOOD I AM ". More on the lines of a ton of Dysfunctionality and chemistry or straight up get a chuckle over time enjoy. I am trying to make them as distinct from eachother in dialogue, design, and genuinely this is a passion project have been thinking about. Embracing the dysfunctionality and world they live in. I want to avoid a self-insert style character.

I plan to having a Trio set of characters that bounce off, but so far a duo Laminae and so far going with the name Quinn as an insert generic name over time gets nick named as Devil Rat, has a hatred for rats being very much bottom tier anthro-demons for mainly being notoriously being fucking bastards. Anthro Demons, than standard Demons ( but hybrids are seen equal to standard ), Arch Demon, than Fallen ( this is a work in progress system having planned

A character that is pretty fucking objectively bad, but over time grows to be good, but a lot of his problems can stem from a mix of his behavior from the real world since his part of himself is there, while vessel is in hell. Which makes him hurt more and more due to has no option but sees what he has done and overcomes it.

Quinn ( like the name or not? ) Though he is a kind of an asshole, but Kazuma-like. But take his behavior a tad too far. Laminae, Introduction / other class to "assist" on his quest but be kind of something can be straight up useless to useful but backfiring due to how she helps. While Quinn gets assholish with her due to her genuine helps trying, but she keeps following due to gets aroused over it and giving him hell. Over time Laminae despite how bad she is and dysfunctional, trys or manages over time Quinn.

A trio that makes up for Quinn's major problem, serves as a blacksmith, personality wise kind of a naive, nice, trys to be practical serves a voice of reason to help bounce off of Laminae's one use ability that messes with her heavily and team mates due to AoE ability. A blacksmith so far going with a Desert grassland whiptail lizard as her design. She try's to deal with asshole-ishness and smartass Quinn while reasoning while with messes with Laminae for why does have to use that ability despite knowing precautions, but likes to take some of Laminae's when she passes out for her own gain to help compensate. ( this isn't final idea for her ) Will occasional make jokes about her while occasional mocks Laminae's hobby due to what she does and over time develops to give hell playfully.. Showing clear signs of character developement in the series.

Feel free to help with character ideas or even designs I would 100% use though tweak to the look of the comic.