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I am the DevilRat, a πŸ”žhentai artist that likes to produce digital paintings... Also likes to review the porn on the website and help produce some of it as well. Though trying to improve everyday...

I forgor πŸ’€

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I'm not renewing it at all. I've had mine for two years but deciding not to even want it at all anymore. <:X I only used the first time just to change my old name. Just waiting for it to truly run out. It was supposed to be gone by Jan 3.


Q and A ( Redoing it )

Why are my Movies, Favourite Art, and Games disabled on viewing?

Well the only reason is mainly due to I like all kinds of NSFW genres, but I remember last year one of my relatives bitched some about the artwork I produce, and how they deep searched. I don't want to hear it so I typically disabled the viewing.

It also made my newgrounds page easier to view.

Why is my collaborate button disabled?

Reorganizing prices and will be doing Commissions on SubscribeStar over Patreon... Why is that the platform of choice, Patreon went full retard, no offense to anyone that uses it. They straight up banned anime style artists. Patreon was NOT CARING if it was an NSFW or a SFW artist, sorry, but any platform that goes after anime is immediately not going to be on my support. Not a big fan of the company to begin with. I will be also making it much more clear what kind of artist I am. As I surprised nobody reads bios before following. I like to produce NSFW, and SFW. Newgrounds doesn't take lightly to alts. What do you expect? I atleast organize them in the playlist.

Why am I not on Twitter?

I deleted all content off of it a year ago due to I produced furry. Which Tw@tter decided to ban anthromorphic artwork if lewd. Which got my dissupport. Then the culture on the website. It's tumblr in the old days community when it had lewd. When most of tumblr was known for porn. Funfact I was going to produce content on that platform. Though NSFW ban during 2018.... The tw@tter platform itself I kind of find the UI trash, and didn't like it. Due to so much annoying drama. Do I need drama when trying to myself to eventually be a decent artist that does commissions and what not? Including hating the "cancel culture" of twitter which can strip you of your job. I just want a security job and a side ( art ).

Do I have a discord?

Yes, though I am learning the Mee6 box. Got to be Eighteen Plus


Do I have a SFW exclusive platform where you ONLY want to see my SFW stuff without disabling M and A?

Yes, I use Deviantart I do. There will be a major lack of content.


It's where I also post my digital paintings. My line art won't ever be on it though. It lacks my 2019 start. Basically it only has digital art not traditional.

Why do I have no content on rule34 websites?

Why do they not given a fucking reason and make it so hard to even last a day with such inconsistency in art? That's why. I do have plans to post on there, but will be sketching and practicing more and more. Try to get myself to draw hardercore stuff. I am more of a pinup guy.

My opinion on that website I find it just straight up annoying due to they never leave a reason why it was deleted. Despite read the rules and what nots.

Am I open to collaborate with?

Hell yes. I enjoy collaborations like I did with Kindness on Tw@tter.