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I am the Devil!Rat, hell filled hentai art drawing rat! That produces paintings, and pornography.. Likes to work in different artistic mediums.

Age 20

A restraunt employee

Self-Taught for Self Pleasure

In Hell!

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DevilRat's News

Posted by DevilRat - 2 weeks ago

I became a NEET due to this virus happened.....

Posted by DevilRat - 2 weeks ago

Like really fucking slow.... A mix of wanting a ton of feedback, as that helps me a shit ton, and also dealing with people at my place drives me fucking crazy when I want to draw. I can't having stuff over my back and breathing.... I do got two acrlyic paintings, one is somewhat me quitting due to I didn't have the right brightness in it, while the other case is is pretty good so far, just working on the second layer.

Posted by DevilRat - 2 weeks ago

iu_101795_6652573.png I am a tad of a ladybug and catnoir fan, but I wonder what you guys feel or think about the work in progress with the art style.... Hell criticize it.

Posted by DevilRat - 1 month ago


Redoing the presentation to be more in line with the monochromatic photo. Though experimenting with cool highlights and warm shadows.

Posted by DevilRat - 1 month ago


When I get done.... Need to sharpen the edges, and honestly.... This is me finally understanding brightness scales....


Posted by DevilRat - 1 month ago

I have been working on the acrylic painting, but no good results have came, due to a lack of brightness range, but I have been using three layers so far. Compared to the "two" for the last illustrations. I am experimenting with the shading... iu_100332_6652573.png

Posted by DevilRat - 1 month ago

Rushed art and also no sketchbomb from last week.... That's due to a lack of legitimate content.... I have been just experimenting with drawing faces.... Including wanting some ideas from you guys, the fans... I have Also there is another acrylic painting in the works.... Just trying to darken parts of it..... I lack a legitimate brightness that isn't just add black... I hope you guys understand. I am trying to experiment with drawing different or varietals in my stylization. Including trying to improve drawing big busts and make a legitimately futanari photo and more. Including practicing with girls with glasses and teeth.


Posted by DevilRat - February 25th, 2020

It's mainly practice like you guys see with the "NSFW Sketch bombing" I will say, that friday's sketchbomb more than makes up for it.... I don't know why, but I kind keep going to traditional out of limitations but stay in digital for clarity. Though will still keep doing the usual.... Though I am still doing digital....

Posted by DevilRat - February 21st, 2020


iu_95593_6652573.jpgI am wokring on the an artwork to celebrate how we went to 30+ fans.... It's a celebration thing... Including I am having very annoying problems with this artwork.... Sorry for the content drought.... I am not going to have a really big sketch bomb when I get back from work, but they are colored.... Working on the NSFW and wintery city or going to be.

Posted by DevilRat - February 10th, 2020

I have been studying with not just pen and paper for anatomy, but I also have been using acrylic paint mainly as a way to study shapes and color.... Also thought about showing off line-art again... Why? Mainly just to add more variety as I do notice my sketch art style should be explored for some reason, but I will use the typical coloring hybrid.... Besides I find it looks more interesting, after next artwork, might try it out, but just clean the lines. See what a lined art style looks like without being SECOND handed like the Megaman Zero artwork. I do notice some dramatic changes in my visuals being more and more detailed..... My coloring still existing.....

When it comes to commenting, feel free to shitpost and comment on my news, and artworks. It helps me figure out what I can do right and wrong. Because I am determined to improve my artwork and try to improve in techniques and just be an impressive SECOND year and how much that can dramatically improve my artwork....

A refrence, but also a showcase of the style change... (Censored) I do enjoy the artist's work, but the style itself being an introduction of me combining my old work, with new..... Not as western looking.iu_92775_6652573.png