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I am the DevilRat, a hentai artist that likes to produce digital paintings... Also likes to review the porn on the website and help produce some of it as well. Spooky scary skeletons shivers down your cocyx! Can be harsh and fairly insensitive.

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DevilRat's News

Posted by DevilRat - December 9th, 2020

The kitchen illustration, I am thinking on restructuring it entirely or make it apart of a painting list of cancelled artworks... While I got more inspiration here... That are work in progress. iu_206551_6652573.jpg

To slowly adjust back into drawing, I am working on this

iu_206552_6652573.jpg and also a blade devil illustration referencing a comment. Which will be M-rated. M-rating for me is either dark subject matter or used in the context of sexual content. It's not hyper, but I do warn. I sort already got a past full of that. I am aiming to adapt my skills of painting for my backgrounds, to look more in place with my line work. These aren't finished illustrations at all, but you can see that i tone my colors and make sure I got a palette set up for the rest of it.

Just because I am not posting digital art fast, or having it constantly, doesn't mean I am not working on anything. I work on multiple things, trying out watercolors as an underpainting and how I would feel about them.

Posted by DevilRat - November 27th, 2020


This is clearly cropped.

iu_200553_6652573.jpgThese are the two illustrations in the works... Why did i censor this so far? It's due to the left side is a tad disturbing that tells a story.


Posted by DevilRat - November 25th, 2020

I will be going expanding my horizons to other websites for artwork, you guys kind of new I was on multiple. DeviantArt decided to not focus at all on it, but I am not leaving this platform but the opposite. If you follow via newgrounds. You will have work 100% uncensored on this platform and will get to have most of my M-rated and A rated catalog. Stuff like this may STILL be allowed. https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/devilrat/feelings-aren-t-you-the-same-thing or

https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/devilrat/untilted-7 WILL NEVER GET A RELEASE ON PIXIV... I am deciding to leave feelings due to that.

https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/36048233 For my Pixiv, but remember. I AM NOT HERE FOR PERMANCE, but slight expansion. It won't have a vast catalog. So it's primarly newgrounds getting the light, think of it as having last seconds.

Posted by DevilRat - November 23rd, 2020

This is an update on the digital painting, I thought about reusing my old digital brushes due to the softness, and might have changed due to being made in the old krita brush engine, besides one worked fairly similar to a traditional brush with rotation being manual. Besides this is just an update video on the digital painting. This is immedately one of my favourite works.


Posted by DevilRat - November 20th, 2020




Posted by DevilRat - November 18th, 2020

What a week and basically two - one more day depending on time zone. My birthday is coming up, and well I work a double ( I see it as I get paid so I am not mad. ) ... While I am just glad I have improved my artwork heavily, trying acrylic again due to felt kind of stagnate working in digital for a long time. As digital tools are simply digital tools. As only you can make a whole lot of the calls and moves for it and limited to your knowledge, while traditional has a natural variety that is easy to achieve and get. Though coloring in traditional has a price, but it is worth it for the experience for me.


Posted by DevilRat - November 17th, 2020

First on November 20th I am having my birthday. Hurray? I am surprised I am going to be twenty one as time really flies a bit. Just surprised how fast it has been... I got back into acrylics due to I needed to turn to a medium with good coloring that makes sense and also brush work, which acrylic provides that better than digital in my opinion.... My problem with digital is there is so much you can do with it. Nothing prevents you from doing it, but it isn't easy and traditional is a harder medium than anything else. I have been wanting to get back into line art to improve that as I sort of learned to make kickass backgrounds, learned to make cities, and some landscapes. Though I am still striving for me.... I do not know what to think about my birthday besides another day...

Some work I will be working on. iu_195908_6652573.jpg

^ This is in second layer mode, sorry for shit lighting due to a mobile device, IS KIND OF THE VERY REASON I WENT TO DIGITAL. I am just working with a color palette of... One brown, cobalt hue + admiral blue, and yellow. I mixed the rest of it. Trying to let my digital art sensibilities show in traditional. The thing I love about traditional is just how refreshing it is to work in.

Digital stuff below


I am pretty happy with this digital painting so far outside of the confusing what I will be doing with the focal point. Just working with orange, cyan, and purple and let blend work do the rest. I am just trying to keep it mostly one layer in coloring.... Traditional art influence really does save my butt here...

iu_195907_6652573.jpg Motivation and trying to un-stiffen it. I do not know why, but I fucking for reason love to draw tanks, government buildings, and when I paint...

Clouds are one of the... More fun things to make, but if you understand color that is.

Posted by DevilRat - November 13th, 2020

This line art ( It won't be yellows in the final )


While digital painting will be this iu_193875_6652573.jpg

... Been slightly working with acrylics again... It's in the workings as I am putting down the second layer today, and last night first layer. Working with a palette of ... Berry Wine, Yellow Ochre, Bark Brown ( has a yellow hue ), Carribean Blue, Laguana, King's Gold, and possibly chalk white.

Posted by DevilRat - November 11th, 2020


I will be finally twenty one on november the twentieth...

Right now building the forms and shapes and thinkin of painting over the background area while adding my tank and broken house roof thing. While also making apartments...

Posted by DevilRat - November 8th, 2020