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Well played tentacles... well played.

A case of too damn realistic, we need more stylization.

Silly goose, move your Caboose!

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Is there a way to have this game run in 60FPS? Am I asking a bit too much? It just feels weird to play this game? Otherwise a great game. I am going to assume it is due to it is pushing Flash to the absolute breaking point. It looks almost like an HTML game.

The minigame is GLITCHY. Like not all of the santas are being activated on the hitbox leaving them stick out. Also Maybe rework the Whack a mole mini-game.

What could be added, to add with the humor. Make all of the santas ugly bastards ( as a hentai in-joke ) or make a chance for hte bombs to be a " let's do a buggie DOKE with a derpy face "

The minigame felt unfair and glitchy. A numpad lay out would work perfect as the controls just don''t feel or work right. Including moments for 5 seconds where it was dysfunctional santas to whack or none at all. The hammer is too dark, maybe make it transparent and smaller just to get out of the way?

Presentation wise it is a huge upgrade.

Edeshye responds:

I just enabled quality control. Try setting it to low or medium (by right clicking the creen), it might get better!

First. Please seperate versions and make it default a PC first, before That was my biggest problem with this game, the UI feels like it simply is a mobile game first. Making it fairly impossible to play on PC. Kept breaking at the options when used the PC controls. Esc keeps crashing the game...

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Neat mix tape, but it is too fucking loud!

Something of quality now. That I can approve of.

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Funny as hell.

This is what the series mean by fire force.

If only the blue eyed said " I'm making kentucky fried arson "...
I would give it a 5 stars, instead of just a simple 4.

I am the DevilRat, a hentai artist that likes to produce digital paintings... Also likes to review the porn on the website and help produce some of it as well. Spooky scary skeletons shivers down your cocyx! Can be harsh and fairly insensitive.

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