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I don't give a fuck I am a degenerate or not. I am a rat of culture, is it wrong I like this? I'm willing to lend a hand.

The 3D Models are perfectly stlylized. It made me officially want to follow. My favourite part when she was riding, one thing I would loved in it, if lasted a tag longer and when she drops the panties, she throws them down rather than drops them medium speed. Other wise, damn I already found my favourite demon girl I enjoy. Thank you for allowing me to add this to a rat approved hentai that happens to be 3D.

Holy fuck this is so nostalgic. It feels like i just snorted that nostalgic stuff back into my brain. I saw this and got a complete smile due to how vividly I remember seeing this on a my old PC with a CRT display.

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Very smooth animation that makes me want Hilda to catch all of me.

I have VERY mixed opinions... The positives: It's one of the best or most well produced NSFW games on newgrounds, Beautiful art assets Very well animated and beautiful. Much better than early 2010's NSFW flash games in this regard.

The downside why it kind of rightfully deserves a mixed is long ass waiting times to get hearts., despite if didn't have those mechanics I would easily put this as a five star. The waiting start at a 5 minute but gets worse over time.. I find this game doesn't understand why people use newgrounds and how they enjoy them due to impatient want to see the tit and ass immedately rather than earning it or pay for it..

This is what Freeium games are. This is a mobile game using a web browser... I get making a lengthy game, but no. This is how NOT to do that.
It's easy to break the clicker which is amusing.

Too much fucking handholding, I don't want my hands being held, I want my dick being held, but got to wait 5+ minutes for the hearts to do that.

Holy fuck, the quality of your work has dramatically improved. A slow over time huge improve in the options helps so much

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Something of quality now. That I can approve of.

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Really work on the colors, like it looks colorized from a black and white picture to color, also fix the anatomy a bit, but the colors are awfully muted here, but has the elements of a great artwork...Start in color or if having problems with value use a white color layer on top of it to figure out it out.

Well a slower gif would be nice, but finally some good shit happening. Himiko Toga is top tier.

As a Rat man, I can tell you for a fact rodent themed women are horny on main. So stuff like this isn't out of the question to happen if want to satisfy sexual urges.

I am the DevilRat, a hentai artist that likes to produce digital paintings... Also likes to review the porn on the website and help produce some of it as well. I am a sinner, I am a man, and I do what I can!

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