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Surprise "priest blood", but hentai series is pretty damn good. Even without the sex in this ova. I love the attention to detail and jokes only hentai lovers would get. Meru deserved to fail for not being sneaky enough.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPabB9vv_ks <== The Sub was better; this dub wasn't very good. It sounds too unnatural for me.

Great animation, but fucking hated the dub's tone, harshness, and the English dub's sentence length butchered the story telling compared to the Hong Kong Cantonese original. It sounds bad and depicts the characters wrong. The sub had more context.

I avoid Dubbed overs due to sentence length and lack of detail compared to the sub / original language's pacing isn't the same. I was going to give a three star, but went to five, but focus on the original on the youtube channel before all the other stuff in the description.

It's a pet peeve of mine to hear a dub over, compared to the original language. I don't like bad pacing due to voice actors.... The names spouted in English sound unnatural without the tones of the original language.

All I can say is... Thanks for advertising me to a creator I subscribed to just now, but not a fan of the dub. Match the tone / pitch of the original actresses and actors.

Sophistication of trapping a Dark Magician girl.

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Is there a way to have this game run in 60FPS? Am I asking a bit too much? It just feels weird to play this game? Otherwise a great game. I am going to assume it is due to it is pushing Flash to the absolute breaking point. It looks almost like an HTML game.

The minigame is GLITCHY. Like not all of the santas are being activated on the hitbox leaving them stick out. Also Maybe rework the Whack a mole mini-game.

What could be added, to add with the humor. Make all of the santas ugly bastards ( as a hentai in-joke ) or make a chance for hte bombs to be a " let's do a buggie DOKE with a derpy face "

The minigame felt unfair and glitchy. A numpad lay out would work perfect as the controls just don''t feel or work right. Including moments for 5 seconds where it was dysfunctional santas to whack or none at all. The hammer is too dark, maybe make it transparent and smaller just to get out of the way?

Presentation wise it is a huge upgrade.

Edeshye responds:

I just enabled quality control. Try setting it to low or medium (by right clicking the creen), it might get better!

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The song of slapped BBW. I love this song btw.

Rat approved content.

Neat mix tape, but it is too fucking loud!

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My favorite water colour painting of yours. Smart use of whites by the way. :) What watercolors do you use?

Sulaimandoodle responds:

Thank you for your kind words!

Your ink artwork reminds me so much of 19th century sketch artwork. It seriously reminds me of that era.

Sulaimandoodle responds:

Ty, I love old-school illustrations.

Reminds me of a lot of paleo-art from Charle's Darwin's era, German book illustration, and Children's book. PS... Don't use black in your artwork, it will kill your color theory traditional or digital. In traditional, to replace a black... I mix inequal amounts of complementary if need being a black, but on average I use brown.... Time to time brown + purple mix. Your work with watercolors amazes me. I absolutely can't stand to use that traditional art medium at all. I can do acrylics, tolerated oils, but can't stand water colors for being too soft.

Sulaimandoodle responds:

Thanks! The black comes from the ink I was using, I like to use water-resistant ink sometimes.

I am the DevilRat, a πŸ”žhentai artist that likes to produce digital paintings... Also likes to review the porn on the website and help produce some of it as well. Though trying to improve everyday...

I forgor πŸ’€

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