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Aged super well!

The comedy is real, I love it for how funny this is. The option to destory her with facts and logic is absolute perfection. That is the reason why I gave this game five stars. Due to that being an option.

This feels like a very close to home newgrounds game. By newgrounds users, for newgrounds users. The humor here is top quality. Visually is admitly lacking, but the writing is so surreal, that it legitimately is pure meme quality. "Destory with facts and arguements, change it to logic to make it more funny " I am gonna meme on this.

Edeshye responds:

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Thanks a lot!

Is there supposed to be a way to penetrate the girl? (EDIT) You have to make her orgasm and also pull out the dick to do that. If need help with the hit boxes. Press Tab, it will fix that for you. ;) Though I am fairly happy with this game.

Basic, but it was too easy to complete.

Ahhhh yes, this is what I wanted. I get to see my favourite girl Fiona having anal sex with all of her beautiful curves, the tits are best

Sonic boom owes you a paycheck for using Sonic Boom after ten years. Meh game.

Bad controls, due to a bad hitbox and weird collision detection. Though when it comes to art assets... It's a great job. I will say it's not bad, but not good. It's a great to release a load and move on from your day... It is a fetish work, but works. Just needing better controls and it will be a borderline perfect game. The hit box is on the tip of the mouse cursor or in this game in-game asset, but if fine tune it I would immediately give it five stars.
Bad controls, Great Art.

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