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xD Perfect Mockery! It's all about the cuteness and mockery. If don't understand the mockery, just roll with it. A very nice and cute gardevoir photo.

Where the ass is, it kind of cringes most people sadly. <:( A case of nice artwork, but the execution of it is kind off. Compared to the usual.

Indeed, why not? >=)

CowFDoodles responds:

Glad we can agree upon this :>

When you tell Projekt melody go fuck her self, so you did exactly that all in a good day's work.

Very interesting to look at. Trying to figure out the perspective here though. I enjoy it though.

Reminds me so heavily of Gurren Laggan, not a bad illustration, but stiff.

AKA-38CAUTION responds:

Is it because one of them wearing Yoko Littner clothing or the style?
Needless to say, it does look a bit stiff but group drawing is a bit hard for me currently so I still learning.

Highly cultured.

CowFDoodles responds:

High in Vitamin D as well :>

When I thought your newgrounds profile was going to be a NSFW profile instead I got a very wholesome one, nice. I am kind of confused. Due to the background pic, but love it.

Oddlem responds:

OH very interesting!! Very very curious why you initially thought I did NSFW art haha
but hell yeah!!! glad you liked it, thank you!

It makes me sad seeing your work getting oddly voted down heavily compared to last year. I had plans eventually go to gumroad. A case of badly censored artwork, but good artwork underneath it. Good art, bad censoring. Though I do know that Patreon likes to go after people offsite. Has been taking down anime-style art or anime-influenced. Gumroad, indiegogo, and subscribe are the alternatives that are basically the same as patreon... I know the censorship is due to patreon exclusivity stuff.

Hanshyn responds:

Edit: You can find the uncensored versions at: https://www.hanshyn.com/post_71.php
Hi Devilrat! The censorship was not working at all, you are right, so I will be uploading the uncensored versions in the near future, thank you for your help :D

Sophistication. <:) Some reason the belt with the face reminds me of the album from Offspring called " Dividing By Zero/Slim Pickens Does The Right Thing And Rides The Bomb To Hell "... <:)

The crosshatches here are state of the art. I shall approve it with the Rat Stamp of Approval. ( one of the few not NSFW I faved )

I am the DevilRat, an 18+ artist with some SFW content.... Typically produce simple illustrations, digital and traditional paintings... I like to draw lewd and also a rat of culture.

Age 20

A mother fucking evi

A self taught rat bastard

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