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A Sneak Peak into Next Art + News

Posted by DevilRat - 1 month ago

I find this is my favourite piece of artwork, I had the MOST FUN in coloring.... Normally foreground stuff would bevisible.... Including..... This isn't final at all..., some of the edges here will be either smoothened out, or sharpened.... More than likely softened in a few spots. iu_88130_6652573.png

Keep in mind, this is a heavily work in progress photo and this area normally will be covered up by characters... Hints weird edge going on with the bed and tree.... I will 100% tell you, that will be covered in the final as a character would be right here. :3 It may take an extra day to give it a better coat of polish.... Admitly it is odd not posting as much artwork as usual, but trying to make up for it with sneak peaks or. Giving you guys backgrounds on character portraits that enhance the presentation...

I am thinking about in Feburuary to improve my anatomy and take on my weakest asset.... NSFW artwork. As I admitly I am still learning. what works in it, and what doesn't, but I feel it would help improve my skills from standard to a fast learner, and force me to tackle anatomy head on. As it annoys the fuck out me that is holding most of my character potraits back.... I want to in the future make anatomy my biggest strength so for my future in NSFW and SFW artwork, I could make cities way more lively with people in the streets, and be a better swiss army knife, or even be a good butcher with it. Including the fact nudity makes it easier to tackle anatomy. Also show a ton more faces in my artwork... Including able to show feet and legs... I do not know how you guys feel about this side of it. As I hate the fact my able to do color just right, starting to get way better edges that sharpened the fuck out of my images.... Just want to able to tackle my biggest issue and turn it into my strength....

I might dub February as a primarily character focused month for my illustrations and also being lewd. i honestly want to know what your opinion on this is.


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This photo isn't clean though. That's the main reason why you don't see the foreground. :D